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Carpet Cleaning Coupons

We are happy to offer the following Internet-only coupons. Call Today! 386-681-8953

HOST Dry Carpet Cleaning Low-Moisture Carpet Cleaning Low-Moisture Carpet Cleaning Area and Oriental Rug Cleaning Area and Oriental Rug Cleaning HOST Dry Carpet Cleaning Low-Moisture Carpet Cleaning

daytona beach carpet cleaning coupons*COUPONS RULES:

*a room is considered to be 200 sq. ft. or less

Living/dinning room combos are considered to be 2 rooms

*Coupons cannot be combined with any other offer, coupon, sale or deal





  1. There is no need to pre-vacuum as this is part of our service.
  2. Please bring any spots, spills, stains or problem areas to your cleaning tech’s attention on the initial walk thru/inspection.
  3. Remove all small items from the carpet that is to be cleaned. Such as shoes, toys, clothing, magazines, magazine racks, books, newspapers, throw rugs, potted plants, vases, small furniture items like CD racks and dinning room chairs.
  4. Remove all breakable items and clutter from all end tables, cocktail tables or other items that will need to be moved to facilitate cleaning.
  5. Your small children should be in a safe out of the way place while your carpets are being cleaned. All of our cleaning chemicals are child safe and pet safe.
  6. Your pets should be in a safe out of the way place while we are cleaning your carpets. All of our cleaning chemicals are pet safe.
  7. Do not let your small children or pets lie down or crawl on your freshly cleaned carpets until they are completely dry.
  8. Please be advised that our Low Moisture cleaning system will require about an hour or so to completely dry. Caution should be used when walking on damp carpet and especially when walking from any Damp Carpet to any Hard Surface, as there is a danger of a slip and fall accident.
  9. It is a good idea to pin up any draperies or upholstered chair/sofa skirts that hang down on the carpet. This will prevent them from getting wet.



Moving major or fragile pieces of furniture and electronics is not included in our base pricing. These items would include: beds, dressers, sofas,

over stuffed chairs, TV, stereo and computer equipment, china cabinets, entertainment centers, sectional sofas, large dinning room tables, armoires, antiques and fragile or broken furniture.

We do include light furniture moving in our base pricing. This includes coffee tables, end tables and other similar small furniture items. Please understand that our base pricing is an OPEN AREA CLEANING AGREEMENT.

If furniture moving is desired please let us know and we will be glad to quote you a price on your furniture moving needs. In most cases we can clean right up to the edge of the above items and achieve outstanding cleaning results without ever moving these pieces.

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