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Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

If you are tired of all the common problems associated with Steam Carpet Cleaning, you owe it to yourself to consider trying DIRT BUSTERS CARPET CLEANING Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning system. We are confident that you will be thrilled with our cleaning results and that your carpets will be cleaner than they have ever been before.



Dirt Busters Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning is an innovative approach to cleaning your carpets which utilizes only 1/10 the amount of water as traditional Steam Cleaning.

Traditional Steam Carpet Cleaning utilizes harsh chemicals and steaming hot water injected into your carpets often all the way to the carpet padding then extracted with a powerful wet vac.

Unfortunately, more often than not, the extraction of the dirty chemical laden water from your carpets is not totally successful leaving your carpets soaking wet with dirty contaminated water.carpet cleaning volusia fl

In some cases your carpets can take days to fully dry. As your carpets dry the residual dirt laden water is pulled through the carpet padding and carpet backing, in a wicking action, through the top of the carpet fibers.

Now all the soil that was hiding is now visible in your freshly cleaned carpets. This “wicking” usually takes from a few days to a few weeks and is why your carpets re-soil so quickly after Steam Carpet Cleaning. This will not happen with Dirt Busters Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning.

We have found that over time the repeated affects of over wetting and wicking causes your carpets to become dull and ugly. Dirt Busters Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning technique will correct this problem and return your carpets to there original color and brightness.

With recent advances in carpet cleaning chemistry and new innovative carpet cleaning machines your carpets can now be spotlessly clean and beautiful without the use of hundreds of gallons of fresh water.


CALL US TODAY! Your Carpet will Dry in 1 Hour or Less.

We offer a 30-day Spot-Free Warranty.


The Carpet Cleaning Process 

Dirt Busters Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning uses advanced encapsulation carpet cleaning chemistry with specially designed carpet cleaning machines and cleaning pads to clean your carpets using only 1/10 of the water as traditional carpet cleaning.


  • Approximately 80% of the soil in your carpets is just dry particulate soil that can be easily vacuumed away. This is why we always pre-vacuum your carpets.


  • Next we spray the cleaning agents onto your freshly vacuumed carpets. The cleaning chemicals do most of the work by separating the sticky oily soil from the carpet fibers and suspending it in a clear crystallizing polymer (encapsulation).


  • Next we use our specially designed oscillating carpet scrubbing machine with a micro fiber and cotton carpet scrubbing pad to gently wipe away the suspended soil from all sides of the carpet fibers.

HOST Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning Palm Beach


Our specially designed mopping – scrubbing pads are changed out for fresh clean pads as soon as them become soiled, to insure that we remove as much soil from your carpets as possible.

Any cleaning residue or soil that might remain on your carpets will be encapsulated into this clear crystallizing polymer. When it dries the soil containing polymer will shatter into minute invisible particles that will be removed in routine vacuuming.

This same crystallizing polymer will remain to surround each carpet fiber and help retard future resoling of your carpets. Much like the carpet mill applied stain resistant coating.


Because we use such a small amount of water followed by the mopping action of our cleaning pads your carpets will be Dry in 1 Hour or Less!


We believe that your carpets will be clean as never before and any removed spots or watermarks will not return. We are confident that you will find that your carpets will resist quickly resoling and will stay clean longer than with any other carpet cleaning.


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Why Choose Dirt Busters Carpet Cleaning? 

  • We have very reasonable prices and top-notch customer service
  • You will find our technicians to be polite, professionally trained, courteous to you and considerate of your belongings
  • Our 30-Day Spot Free Warranty covers all of our work.
  • We have exceptional carpet cleaning specials and discounts
  • We are locally owned and operated.
  • We are fully licensed and insured and certified by ICRC and HOST –what makes us the only company in Volusia County holding both certifications.



Dirt Busters Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning has many advantages over traditional Steam (Hot Water Extraction) Carpet Cleaning Systems.

  1. Carpets are Dry in 1 hour or less!
  2. Spots, spills and watermarks will not mysteriously return after a week or so.
  3. Carpets that have become dull and ugly from wicking action of repeated Steam Cleaning are restored to a cleaner and bright appearance.
  4. Carpets cleaned with our Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning technique’s advanced cleaning chemistry resists rapid re-soiling and stay clean longer.
  5. Due to the fast dry times of our Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning technique we have successfully eliminated the problem of mold and mildew growth that is associated with over wet carpets and long dry times. This helps to improve your indoor air quality
  6. With our Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning technique many of the offensive annoyances of Steam Cleaning have been over come. JUST SAY NO!
  • NO noisy-smelly machines parked in your front yard
  • NO dumping of polluted nasty cleaning water in your or your neighbor’s yard
  • NO messy hoses running through out your home
  • NO front doors or windows left wide open to accommodate our cleaning hoses.
  • NO slip and fall hazards
  • NO soggy carpets for days on end
  • NO sticky cleaning residue left in your carpets, which leads to rapid resoiling
  • NO offensive odors from soggy carpets
  • NO mold and mildew bloom caused by we carpets and long dry times






Thank you for your consideration of Dirt Busters Carpet Cleaning as your preferred Carpet, Rug and Tile & Grout Cleaning Company.

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