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Carpet Cleaning Port Orange FL – Simple Tips to Keep Your Carpets Clean

Lets face it, no one likes dirty and grime carpets. No matter how hard we might try dirt will always find a way into our homes. However there are a few small things that we can do to help minimize the amount of soil that we track into our homes and onto our carpets.

A clean house on the inside begins on the outside. So with that in mind it is important to keep the sidewalks and front and rear  door steps clean and well swept. Next a good quality door mat is a necessity at all entry doors.  On the inside of each entry door you will need a washable walk-off mat, the longer the better, usually 6 to 10 ft will do fine. Remember to keep these mats well vacuumed as you do not want  to be redistribute old soil from you walk-off mats through the house. If you want to go the next step you might want to get it the habit of removing your street shoes and wear a pair of house slippers around the house.

Most folks do not realize just how important it is to reguraly vacuum their carpets. This should be done at least once a week, and more frequently if children or pets are present. For your vacuuming effort to be successful you must be using a quality well maintained vacuum. Please remember to empty or change your vacuum’s dust bag before it gets full, vacuuming with an over full dust bag is ineffective.

When having your carpets cleaned always have your carpet’s protector reapplied. The anti- stain and soiling treatment on your carpet is a topical treatment and does wear off over time . This reappication of your carpets protector will rejuvenate it’s ability to resist spills and stains as well as increasing it’s ability to resist resoiling.  Please remember to have your carpets professionally cleaned annually.

If you follow these simply tips your carpets will look and feel beautiful all year long and will they last  longer as well!  I am sure that the idea of your carpets lasting 20 to 25 years sounds good to you. The good news is that  a well cared for, quality carpet will  last that long.

Carpet Cleaning Port Orange FL – “Puppy Pee – Pee


I recently cleaned the tile &  grout as well as the carpet in the home of a very nice young couple in Port Orange FL. Turns out that they are Dog lovers just like myself and my wife. It also just so happens that they have three dogs, again just like us. So I can tell you from experience that when you have three doggies you are going to have a puppy pee pee problem… matter what you do. So you got to have a plan, which does not include calling your carpet cleaner every time Fido pee’s on the carpet or rugs. The following is what I recommended to them to help them deal with their pet accident problem.

To begin with if you are a pet owner with either carpets or rugs in your home you need to seriously consider purchasing a Wet/Dry Vac for carpet spills of all types. (I like the Rigid brand sold at Home Depot) When a spill or accident happens(which it will) just reach for you wet vac and suck up the accident…IMMEDIATLY. Next, using ordinary TAP WATER  flush out the spill by simply pouring the water over the spill area and then recover the water with the wet vac. Do this several times if necessary, then place a clean bath towel over the area and press it into the damp carpet with  the heel of your foot. Next you should ventilate the accident spot with a fan until the carpet is dry. If you do not have a wet vac then just use the bath towels. This technique will work well on most accidents including pet accidents. There are numerous products available at any pet store to help further deal with  pet  accident problems.

If you are not successful in dealing with the problem in the above manner or if you have numerous areas which have not been cleaned up properly, then it is probably time to call in a professional cleaner.

Semi-Dry carpet cleaning vs. Steam carpet cleaning in Volusia County

Most folks are not aware that there is such a thing as SEMI-DRY/Low Moisture carpet cleaning.  But there is and it is far superior to Steam carpet cleaning. With SEMI -DRY cleaning your carpets will be thoroughly dry in one hour or less.  It is common for spots or stains which appeared to be removed only to reappear in one or two days after steam cleaning your carpets. This will not happen with our semi-dry cleaning technique, which is why we can offer our customers a 30 Day Spot & Stain no return warranty. If for any reason a spot or stain ,which we  successfully removed, should return within 30 days from the date of cleaning we will re-clean that area free of charge.

Lets face it having your carpets and area rugs Steam cleaned is usually not the most pleasent experience. Besides all the noise, hoses and workers invading your home, your carpets will usually be wet for a day or so. This will not happen with DIRT BUSTERS CARPET CLEANING. We  look  forward to showing you that there is a better way to keep your carpets and rugs at home or office clean and healthy with out all of the inconvenience.

Dry Carpet Cleaning vs Carpet Steam Cleaning New Smyrna Beach

Hot Water Extraction (steam cleaning) is the method that most people think of when considering carpet cleaning. We are professionally trained and certified by the IICRC in Hot Water Extraction carpet cleaning.

However, we Do Not offer Hot Water Extraction carpet cleaning due to it’s notoriously long dry times, damaging harsh chemicals, high temperatures (212 degrees and up) and the use of high water pressure (up to 800 psi). None of which are healthy for your carpets or your family.

We believe that our Low Moisture cleaning systems will provide you with the cleanest and healthiest carpets and rugs possible! We are so convinced of this that we offer you our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Why not call Today and discover for yourself just how clean & beautiful your carpets and rugs can be?

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